Sureyya S.

Hello! ッMy name is Sureyya Stefan. I'm a UX Designer from California.

"The organism has one basic tendency and striving - to actualize, maintain, and enhance the experiencing organism” - Carl Rogers

An important aspect to design is understanding the users of design. I believe design follows a path similar to individuals in the sense that it is ever changing in an effort to be at its fullest potential. Design is a reflection of growth, creativity, and efficiency. I want to work on projects that continue to help us grow and be our best selves.


Product Design


About Me

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and have lived in Los Angeles, CA for the past 10 years. My early educational background was involved Early Childhood Education and Psychology. In California I received my bachelors in Communication Studies and a focus in Mediation & Conflict Resolution.

I transitioned into UX design earlier this year because I enjoy creating experiences to be remembered. I believe in paying attention to details, appreciating change, and looking for new opportunities. The world has been changing into a more technology based platform and I wanted to turn with the world.


2013 - 2020
• Created employee schedules based on expected guests to provide ease of service during peak hours and managed labor costs
• Formulated effective management and delivery of holiday products for 400 clients resulting in $100,000 in sales for the business
• Creatively designed display boards to market specials, promotions, and events driving sales by building new and returning clientele.
• Trained and counseled 50 incoming employees ensuring an intimate understanding of the company, methods of service, and policies through created training courses and educational materials
2016 - 2020
• Supported career planning and management through activities such as analyzing workforce data, facilitating semi-annual employee scans, reviewing annual performance reviews, and maintaining accurate employee personnel files.
• Trained and developed performance programs to help ensure employees understand their roles and responsibilities.
• Responsible for the recruitment of staff; posting jobs, screening resumes, interviews, and scheduling
• Connected with staff in a timely manner regarding all HR related matters including compensation, benefits, and company policies.
Recruiter, Manager
2020 - 2023
Roberts research laboratory
• Program and support design and implantation of survey instruments and questionnaires to obtain study information
• Create real-time reports on current market conditions to upper management.
• Support research and development efforts to create new products, equipment and processes.
• Create and manage a database of information gathered from research for over 100 clientele
. • Maintain confidential communications for project deliverables for multiple clients at a time. • Gather, arrange and correct research data to create representative graphs and charts highlighting results for presentations.
• Coordinate and perform a range of staff and operational support activities for the unit; serves as a liaison with other departments and operating units in the resolution of day-to-day administrative and operational problems.
Executive Assistant
2021 - Present
The Hoook & plow
• Integrate communication initiatives to build and maintain collaborative cross-functional relationships among company’s employees
• Incorporate creative, technical, and analytical skills for events with 60+ guests with revenue surpassing $15,000.
• Manage invoices; check costs and accuracy, set up new vendors, processing, and monitor timely payments and requests.
Operations, Manager | Bartender

We are the change!

We evolve by understanding, remembering, and adapting to the environment around us. We design with remembering the past but thinking of the future.

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